Following Omens (#841)

This is it…the last 2 weeks of my Arkansas Retreat…just today I came back to a favorite park in Conway…full circle.

My adventure started as a 10 week long trip to different places where I lived beside rivers and lakes along great stands of forest in the center of Arkansas.

Winter was mild…I learned new paths to walk along, got into an exercise/yoga routine, did repairs on my home on wheels…shed loads of unnecessary things.

It continues to be a great clearing out…materially, I took so much to the local Goodwills that one would think I was cleaning out a house…

Emotionally, I am learning to release trauma, embrace being Zen, using intuition…following the omens.

Spiritually, I am slowing my thought patterns, quieting my mind…all to gain deeper access to the wisdom within…

Soon I will travel to a summer job where I will once again work 40 hours a week for 6 months.

To be followed by a month long harvest job of 60+ hours a week.

I love my work at both jobs…I get to be physically active, interacting with an infinite number of people and living in unique parts of the country…but it is also incredibly hard…

Still incredibly worthwhile, as it helps me to gain freedom to follow my dreams…

Toward traveling to rivers and lakes…having the highlight of my day be cardinals ground hopping for food, pelicans cruising the river, finding a tiny wildflower like a white violet….rounding out that connection to just the simplest of things…that bring me joy.

I hope you all are enjoying a blessed day…

Love, annie

About TinCanTraveler

Born under a wand'rin' star.... living in my Winnebago, traveling the country, explorer/adventurer, photographer, writer, chi master, massage therapist, retired teacher/counselor, work camper. Appreciation for the freedom to do it all. Enjoying life's ultimate lessons of trust, respect, and grace.
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2 Responses to Following Omens (#841)

  1. Sher says:

    I am thankful that you take me along with you on your adventures and share the scenery in pictures. Places I would never get to see. Thank you

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