Selling Off Material Things; Keeping The Memories (#396)

Little 4 year old me loved to play with dolls.

For my birthday, Auntie Emily and Uncle Carl gave me a doll crib.

It was 1954.

I was so happy.  My little Ginger doll would have a place to sleep.

No more standing in her case in the dark of the closet.

Ginger was happy too!

My little doll crib is stripped now, of its comfy little mattress, doll blankie and pillow.  but the color and artwork are as good and true as the day I got it.

A reflection of how we cherish and protect our most precious memories.


I remember always staring in awe at the little fawn with a blue bow around her neck and a butterfly perched on her tail.



Now, after 60 years it’s time to go our separate ways.   Selling off material goods but keeping the memories.

Hopefully, posting about it brings back some fond childhood memories for all my dear friends out there in the cyber world.

Ever Grateful ~ Annie


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