A Whole Week Holed Up (#813)

Leaving Welcome, MN after 3 very pleasant days, I knew the weather in the next state of South Dakota was going to take a turn towards high winds, freezing temps and snow.

It was Sunday, April 10th. I had two days travel to get to my stop-over campground in Black Hawk, SD.

My first stop was a run-down park in Plankinton. No one about, just a drop box to put money in. I felt safe enough as the park was right on the main street. Still, I could not wait to “git gone ”

With the dawn on Monday, I was on my way. My destination for the next 3 days was in western SD in the Black Hills. (so named because the thick evergreen cover on the mountains made the forest look black to early settlers)

The lady who owns the Three Flags RV park was very welcoming. She advised me to get my groceries that day, Monday, as the storm was bringing below freezing temps and ferocious winds with snow.

I took her advice, got parked at my site, unhooked my car and made a supply run to nearby Rapid City.

What it must have been like for early frontier folk, I cannot even imagine.

Using my membership in Passport America, I stayed most of my journey in parks they sponsored for half the going rate. It was truly a god-send, as gas prices for this trip took me into 4 figures.

3 more days and 2 more parks later ( Elk Creek and Ten Sleep ) I was into my final day on the road heading for Cody, Wyoming. (named after the man who founded the town, Buffalo Bill Cody.

It was the longest 105 miles I have ever driven; taking me up thru Powder River Pass (9,666 feet in elevation) then “18 miles down hill ”

At the end of my trip I had logged a total of 1,761 miles over 13 days. Happy to be here…. especially since I can now share in my next posts about the true west that is Wyoming…

Love, annie

Wyoming Mountains
Mountain Lion statue outside the Wyoming Welcome Center
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