In A Clutch (#711)

I was less than 5 miles from my home on wheels, returning in my car from a visit with friends, when the clutch mechanism refused to engage.  That is when I realized it was evening rush hour in southern Sarasota.

Cars and trucks were whizzing past me, those behind me were expressing their road rage by honking incessantly.  By the good graces of the powers within and without, I struggled the clutch into 2nd gear and slowly made my way home.

I immediately texted my friends who gave me the name of a reputable mechanic.  Then I called for a tow truck.  Then I cried heavy tears of relief for my safety and appreciation for everything working out (even though that was in the future, I put my faith in it for the now).

A day later my car had a new clutch and a resurfaced flywheel.  With upwards of 89,000 miles on my 2007 Subaru, the old clutch did a most wonderful job.  Even with its last breath, it got me home safe.

In a clutch, my clutch had perfect timing!

What more could I ask!


This Gopher Turtle made it safely down the road too ~

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