The Wisdom Of Flowers (#854)

I needed an adventure, I needed a new world to experience…I needed to do a block on my regular activities, I needed a vision quest…

And a vision quest always takes me out to Mama Nature…

I am here in the wild west of Cody, Wyoming for 6 months at a workamping job; April to October. Days come and go so quickly. It gets easy to slip into a routine on my days off…until the need arises to expand my horizons.

Today, I packed my coffee and breakfast in the car, left home in flip flops and a light hoodie but also brought warm boots and jacket because I was headed for the mountains.

Around here that means going from 5,000’ to 10,000’ elevation…where the air gets thinner, the temps drop and the weather can change in a heart beat.

In my car on the open road, I turned onto the Chief Joseph Highway, steadily gaining in elevation. Near the summit of one mountain, at a turnout, I parked to take in the view.

After walking just a few yards in the alpine meadow, I spotted wildflowers I had never seen before. Then around a corner, more flowers. All new to me.

I knew they were my first spirit guides on my quest; telling me, in all their magnificent wisdom to simply exist, to shine right where I am…never mind the future, it will take care of itself…

Love, annie

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