Senior Fitness Instructor (#715)

Full time retired just does not work for me….yet.  Oh yes, it is nice to follow a personal routine, make my own schedule, do what I want and when I want to do it.

Then after a month or so, I start to explore the “what else is there” factor.  That is how I came to  sign up for a course to become certified as a Senior Fitness Instructor.

Now here I am after two months of reading, studying, analyzing, practicing.  The most grueling part has been the assessments.

They have been an extreme test of everything: facts, knowledge, insight, common sense, safe practices.  And not just about exercise physiology for seniors but also about drugs and exercise, drug interactions and exercise, routines, calisthenics, aerobics, muscle conditioning, nutrition.

It has all become very much an integral part of my awareness especially with my own regimen.

I am loving the challenge…..

Just finished the final assessment with a 97% score.  Out of 238 questions, I nailed 230.  I am so proud of my new certification as Senior Fitness Instructor.

To celebrate I went for a hike in Elephant Butte Lake state park.  The mountain in the distance is Elephant Butte.  It is surrounded by water.  Although the lake’s water level is low due to a drought.

I hope the next time I visit Elephant Butte, the San Juan mountains in Colorado will have had enough snowfall to feed the Rio Grande and raise the levels of the lake.

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