No Starved Rock….This Time (#689)

From my last post, I had just encountered a “high danger of fire” flashing sign along I-80 near Laramie, Wyoming.  Also informing me that I might have to turn back.  I saw all the 18 wheelers going ahead so I kept going too.

Lots of smoke in the sky from the ongoing Colorado fires but I made it safely to Nebraska without incident.

It is now days later. I arrived in Ohio, put my RV home in storage and am now enjoying my family and 7 rescued grand puppies.

After Nebraska, I stayed at the Amana Colonies in Iowa, a historic area populated by German peoples who escaped their country in the 1700s to find religious freedom here in America.

In Illinois, I drove to Starved Rock State Park, a cool place with lots of canyons and waterfalls, only to find that they locked their gates until 8:30 in the morning. Way too late for getting back on the road.  So I moved on.  Next I called 2 RV parks: No Vacancy.

Finally near Gary, Indiana at a rest stop, I realized my car would not start.  Stopping for the night at Woodside RV, my savior was Francisco who took time from his job in the park to get my car going again.

Now here with family there is always a pup who wants someone to throw a ball or a lap to snuggle on.

At this journey’s end, I reflect back on all the good people who made the trip so memorable and helped me get here safely.   I so appreciate the supportive comments from blog friends, especially Cee who wrote,  You do lead a charmed life 🙂

Wishing you all a very happy and “charmed” life ~

Dawn of a New Day ~ I-80 Nebraska