Hardly A Hubcap Worth Dying For (#409)

Yesterday, I began my 2600 mile journey to the West Coast from Ohio.

Thinking it would be cooler driving in the evening I said adieu to family and started out at 7PM.  Near dusk a hubcap fell off my motorhome and rolled across 3 lanes of busy Interstate 80.

Very fortunate that no one was in its path at the time.   I could not retrieve it as it lay against the median wall, daylight was becoming a memory and I was in the flow of  heavy traffic.  Not worth risking life and limb for a hubcap.

So after 150 miles I pulled into a friendly RV park and called it a night (still in Ohio).

Today my little caravan left Ohio and passed through 2 of the 4 “I” states (Indiana & Illinois), landing in the 3rd, Iowa.

Here’s an interesting tidbit: On I-80 in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois there are no welcome centers.  And, they all 3 treat the interstate as a turnpike and charged (overcharged) me to use it!

Iowa, dear charming Iowa says: No charge, use the highway for free.  And, by the by, there’s also free internet at all the roadside rest areas.  And, the rest areas are like little museums with art work and historical displays.

If it gets any better, I will have to bake them a cake!

Ever Grateful ~ Annie

Solitude among the trees for the night

Solitude among the trees for the night


Kent County Park in Tiffin, Iowa ~ Beautiful!

Kent County Park in Tiffin, Iowa ~ Beautiful!

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