A Day Of One; A Day Of Many (#518)

Solitary walk along Sand Dollar Beach, breakfast sandwich in hand, munching away contentedly, Whisper to the Wild Water playing thru my iPod.


Just me and the sea birds.


As I walked along there were sand dollars the size of pennies strewn across the beach by the tide.  Gathering them, admiring each and putting them safely in my pocket; I became absorbed in my own world of surf, seabirds, music and the sweet scent of the sea.

Then a pulse of movement, orange jumpsuits, boots marching along the sand.


A prison work crew, lunch kits in tow, along with park rangers.  Heading up the beach to parts unknown.


Leaving only footprints in the sand.


Again, just the birds and the surf and I.


I found so many sand dollars, I felt like I was standing on the mother of all sand dollars just beneath the sand.


Back along the beach, looking for my shoes.  Wonder of wonders, a party of horses and riders.


I found my shoes,  having enjoyed a day of wild and joyful.  And, at times unexpected.  But all the same, wild and joyful.

It started and ended as a party of one, but with many betwixt and between.

Forever Grateful ~ Annie


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