Wild ~ Wild ~ Horses (#752)

My very first landing in North Dakota: Teddy Roosevelt national park.

It is all about the wild horses for me.  I am fascinated by them.

It is truly the only time when I get to see what they are like as a family unit.

Mamas protective of their young, foals staying close to moms, stallions evincing authority and control.

Their body language tells all: when the lead male wants the herd to move on, he snorts loudly, turns and walks away.  Everyone then follows him.

A mare with her foal will give a gentle nudge for direction.

I think they tolerate the human presence in the park, in such close proximity to them, only because of the smiles and the sense of joy and awe that they feel coming from us.

And when they have had enough admiration they leave, just saunter off into the vast rolling plains rich with vegetation and grasses.

Loving a free and wild life ~

Beautiful ~

Mama & Baby

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