Hot Tub Doug (#687)

Three months off the grid is the longest I have gone without posting.

Hello again ~

On my road trip east across I-80, stopped for gasoline in Utah for my RV home, Charlotte. 90s in the valley with snow covered mountains in the distance.


Said adios to my coastal home on Monday, made a stop for oil change and tire rotation.  Those men at North Coast Tire in Fort Bragg, California are the best.  They made sure I got on the road safely.

My first overnight stop was at Gold Ranch RV Park in Verdi, Nevada, an all-in-one place with a great heated pool and hot tub.  They also have a casino, restaurant, gas station. Sandy, at the front desk, was very welcoming.

Hot tub Doug was my buddy while I soaked away the stiffness of the long drive.  In less than half an hour, he told me all about his life.  Going on the road in a van when he was 17, being a driller for the company fixing a nearby dam, taking a trailer to his daughter up near the Canadian border in Washington, his love affair online with Mimi through a Christian service in the Phillipines who takes care of her 87 year old grandmother and her sister’s 2 year old son.  How she travels to Hong Kong to work because the wages are double compared to the island.

At the end of our soak, we wished each other well and safe journey.

It’s a wonderful life ~



About TinCanTraveler

Born under a wand'rin' star.... living in my Winnebago, traveling the country, explorer/adventurer, photographer, writer, chi master, massage therapist, retired teacher/counselor, work camper. Appreciation for the freedom to do it all. Enjoying life's ultimate lessons of trust, respect, and grace.
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5 Responses to Hot Tub Doug (#687)

  1. Sher says:

    Hey welcome back to the online scene. Love your stories and missed them. Oh the people you meet. It’s amazing just how different people are and interesting how their lives meet up with ours. Good stories and I’m sure good people! Love you Annie!

  2. Cee Neuner says:

    It is a wonderful life. Sounds like you are doing great 😀

  3. nomaggsrush says:

    How lovely to have you back Annielooking forward to more Tincan travel tales! xxx

  4. Connie T says:

    You are traveling again, be safe. We are in North Fort Myers, FL in an RV park. They have a special all summer buy one night get one free. I said that sounds good to me. They even have good internet. All the other RV parks want $55 and up a night. We were staying at a gated one about a mile from the beach but the internet was awful. We went to Pine Island today to find a beach. There was no beach on the entire thing. I stopped and asked the post office. They said there was no beach at all on the entire island. So we drove back home. I wore my new expensive switsuit but didn’t get to get in the water. Boo Hoo.

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