Thank You For The Popsicles! (#111)

Notes From Three Days On The Road:

Monday, 3/28

I am in a circle of boulders. Texas size boulders. Boulders bigger than the biggest dinosaur skeletons ever found. For one day and night they are mine; all mine. I feel rich!

I said goodbye to Quartzsite, Arizona earlier today. After 150 miles, I’m now camped in Joshua Tree National Park, California. My campsite until tomorrow is #7 Indian Cove. It has a picnic table and a fire ring. Nothing else! No electric. No water. Just a whole lot of nature. I sure do love being surrounded by Nature. I sure do miss running water!

As soon as I parked I checked out my freezer. Yikes! A whole bag of popsicles . They weren’t going to last until tomorrow.

A couple of boulders over a slew of kids were clambering around on some smaller rocks while their parents were doing some serious rock climbing with ropes and grappling hooks and all kinds of whatnot. I wandered over with the big bag of popsicles asking if they wanted them. The mom said Oh, you’re going to be their hero.

All the kids eyes lit up like Santa……and Mrs. Claus had just popped out of their chimney. Now I understand the meaning of the word “agog.” They were certainly all…. agog! Mayhem ensued while I backed off quietly to my camper.

Half hour later, five little voices yelling in unison from their perch on the boulders Thank you for the Popsicles!

You’re welcome!

Tuesday, 3/29

I am in Bakersfield. Resting, reading a book. I look around my little home on wheels thinking of all the preparations to make it travel ready. They’re all second nature to me now.

I didn’t start out in 2007 knowing it all . Learned the hard way. Dishes and bowls get layers of napkins between them. Drawers get some duct tape to keep them closed. Even though they have latches!

It’s surprising what can happen when you drive a five ton vehicle around a curve or down into a canyon. Lots of surprises have made me become road ready.

Wednesday, 3/30

Today I am sitting beside Clear Lake in northern California. Aurora RV park is so friendly. Bob the camp host picked up some creamer at the store for me. What service!

After 400+ miles of driving, I am shaky and so tired. Spoke with granddaughter Kaitlyn on the phone.

At seventeen, she’d rather hermit in a hole with her ipod and computer than talk to anything resembling a human.

She informed me laughingly that her mother told her she had to interact with people, gave her the phone and said she was timing her for two minutes. Mom even gave her a script of questions to ask me. It worked.  We had a very enjoyable talk.  (Amber, thank you for the popsicles!)

Today I’ll drive the last 75 miles over to Caspar Beach. Once again eager for my first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean. Ready to see old friends and make new ones. Looking forward to sitting at the ocean’s edge while watching the sun set. To hear the harbor seals and sea waves at night as I drift off to sleep.

Ahhhh! I feel like I’m going home.

Joy!   Tin Can Annie

About TinCanTraveler

Born under a wand'rin' star.... living in my Winnebago, traveling the country, explorer/adventurer, photographer, writer, chi master, massage therapist, retired teacher/counselor, work camper. Appreciation for the freedom to do it all. Enjoying life's ultimate lessons of trust, respect, and grace.
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2 Responses to Thank You For The Popsicles! (#111)

  1. Cyndy says:

    I feel the yearning in your soul for the gifts of Mother Earth. Enjoy it all .

  2. Anne Lessing says:

    Lol, that part about me was funny. 😀

    The story about the kids and popsicles made me laugh! Those parents probably had some hyper crumbsnatchers on their hands…

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